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Welcome to UpGroop

About Us

About the Parallel Movement

You are here because you want to part of something different. You want an alternative to ‘mainstream’ business. Business that has been hijacked by big business, junk food, Big Pharma, mass media, mass education, and mass coercion. 

You want to find and spend your money on businesses that have core values: 

Respect for Privacy 
Respect for the Individual 

This is an alternative to mass products that treat individuals like products, expect workers to make unfair choices about their medical choices, and think brainwashing and manipulating people is all fine. 

Well, it’s not. 

That’s why we built UpGroop. 

It is a directory for people to find organisations that share a similar value. 

In contrasts to traditional institutions, we are building new networks to support a global social and economic system. 

A system that empowers individuals, ensuring that they can have a healthy, prosperous and safe life. 

The world has changed. 

People have lost faith and trust in many institutions. This is because the mainstream society has forced views and perspectives contrary to freedom, individual choice and privacy. 


The Parallel Movement is a response. It is a positive movement, that seeks to build a strong global network of like minded people. 

Private education instead of 

Our Parallel Society directory is coming along …

It’s hard to keep track of all the great things that are happening.

1. New Industries
2. New employment opportunities
3. New independent media
4. New Tech
5. New Education
6. New Health
7. New Economic Models


With the push for mandatory jabs for teachers, construction workers, health workers, universities, public service, police, hospitality and retail etc … we can pretty much see the path.



New Schools

New Independent Media

New Health Systems

New Finance Systems

New Economic Systems

New Policing and Privacy Systems

New Accreditations and Quality Assurance
New Knowledge
New Independence 

So, we are helping support and shape the Parallel Movement. 

Welcome to the Parallel Movement. A chance to help create history.





A load of people will quit. They will find alternatives…

This is the parallel society …. Teachers will create independent schools, nurses will bring their skills to independent health providers, creatives will join international networks.

Here’s 5 signs of the growth of the parallel society:

1. Parallel Society ‘awareness’ is growing. People around the world are adopting this terminology. They are talking about the parallel society. They are building directories, websites, and providing information and knowledge of what the parallel society is.

2. Small businesses are turning into big ‘parallel society’ businesses. There are loads of new growing social media. However, let’s look at Gab. It started as a ‘free speech’ social media platform. Now it is developing its own financial models, payment gateways to rival PayPal and others, and support for a business ecosystem. It is building a digital infrastructure, in other words. A commercial umbrella that supports economic activity.

3. Independent media. If anyone has been following the news in Melbourne, it is easy to see that independent media is trouncing the legacy media. Citizen journalists are providing authentic channels of communications that people don’t get on contrived MSM. Indeed, I get most of my news from my professional network, rather than the comedic news.

4. Parallel business networks and societies. New professional associations are emerging. They have been characterised as conspiratorial; however, many people are turning to them for professional advice. Likewise, whole networks of business opposed to discrimination, welcoming to all, are sprouting up like a field of daisies.

5. Schools and education. Institutional education is breaking down. Universities are pretty awful. Schools force politics. High school students can talk ideology but can’t read or write. It is absolutely no surprise that home schooling is booming, private institutions – from niche education to new online universities are just going to grow. The workforce will follow and grow. (Call me – that’s my job).


1. I added a last minute bonus. The financial system is being transformed by Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. While it is evolving as ‘currency’, it is just a matter of time that people will be able to take on debt, get mortgages, and fund their business with cryptocurrency. This will transform the world. A classic parallel society economic foundation.

Personally, if I belonged to a traditional legacy institution, I’d be quaking in my boots.

The future is for the brave, creative, and the open-minde